In.Pro Engineering Civil and structural

IN.PRO Engineering & Design is an engineering services provider in the plant design industry. IN.PRO is specialized in civil and structural steel engineering.
By virtue of a management and a staff composed of experienced technicians, trained in internationally renown engineering companies with a long-term experience in plant designing, IN.PRO can guarantee the technical capabilities and expertise that are necessary to operate in various engineering fields, in which high level preparation and specialization are required.

IN.PRO Services

The scope of IN.PRO's services includes the following:

  • Process design
  • Civil Works and Steel Structures
  • Basic and detailed design
  • Preparation of Steel structures design and standard drawings
  • Finite Element Method (FEM)
  • Structural testing, including elasto-plastic stress analysis, creep behavior and fatigue analysis.
  • Preparation of design calculations and drawings for reinforcement concrete
  • Foundation dynamic analysis and design (for pumps, compressors and turbines)
  • Foundation and underground plan
  • Offshore design

  • Moreover, IN.PRO can provide permits and documentation, and not least plant assembly and start up assistance.

New Website - 30/01/2014

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